Breelyn German Shepherds and Photography

When I was very little my parents showed and bred German Shepherds.  They had the kennel name of von Neumohr German Shepherds.  When my husband agreed to have a dog it was no great mystery as to what kind of dog we would have and so we got Molly.  Molly soon had company in Trox but he and we knew that his home was somewhere else and so we got Jack.  Jack fits into the craziness of our home and revels in it!  Then Better Be came to live with us and he just became my first champion!  We do everything with our dogs.  They show, do Rally, herd sheep, play with our children, sleep next to our bed, and Molly even pulls a little goat cart!  We don’t breed so why the kennel name?  Well, what else would I call my domain name?  ;-)